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Elinor Torda

Elinor Torda

Continuing Spanish Lecturer

Contact: | COB2 376

Elinor Torda is a Continuing Spanish Lecturer at the University of California, Merced. She completed her M.A. in 2007 at California State University, Long Beach in Spanish Linguistics and Spanish-American Literature. She has taught numerous Spanish language courses since she started at UC Merced in 2008, from beginner to advanced levels, including a Spanish linguistics course and Spanish translation courses. Currently, she is co-authoring a book on Spanish morphology. Ms. Torda is the adviser for Sigma Delta Pi, an Honor Society whose purpose is to give recognition to students who are dedicated to and excel in their study of the Spanish language.

Courses Taught:
SPAN 001: Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 002: Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 003: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 004: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 103: Spanish Composition and Conversation
SPAN 170: Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 180: Topics in Hispanic Languages and Cultures